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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Estella, Alpha Mae and Leroy, Children of Luella Harris

"Stroll through History Woodland California; Landmark Buildings History and Architecture

Dr. Tan's Orthodontic Office
301 Cleveland Street

Estella and Alpha Mae Harris bought the land this home sits on from their brother in 1912, and later that year built this Craftsman/ Bungalow Style home on the corner of Court and Cleveland Streets.  The Craftsman Style is typified by the desire to return to nature and basic craftsmanship in design and building. The bungalow style was developed by California architects, Greene and Greene and was the first indigenous domestic architecture in California. The enclosed porch-veranda was a later renovation of the original style.

  The history of one of the owners, Stella Harris is a fascinating glimpse of a remarkable woman. She was one of the first teachers in Guinda, California. She taught 40 children 1st through 8th grade for three years before marrying the principal, Guy Gibbs in 1913. She then stopped working, taking time off to bear two children, Guy Jr. in 1914 and Willa in 1917. In 1928 she was elected as the Public Administrator of Yolo County, serving two terms. She was a member of the Woodland Native Daughters of the Golden West. She retired as Educational Director of the California Western State Life Insurance Company, and was the first woman life insurance agent in the state. Tragically, on December 2, 1968 she was found dead in her home. In 1979 her son and daughter sold the home. In 1984 Chris and Jane Campos bought the property and converted it into a fine furniture store. In 2001, Dr. Tan purchased the property, and in 2002, moved his orthodontic practice to this location.

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