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This is my personal search for a talented, underrated, poetically beautiful writer and a truly remarkable woman.
I could find very little information on Miss Gibbs and her novels.
It is my mission to scour the internet, archives and all available sources, to compile every possible shred of information.
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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Seed of Mischief, Willa Gibbs Reviews

There are very few reviews to be found online. Here is one:
 "I stumbled upon a red hardback copy of this book in a local junk store. Opening at random pages I noticed that every sample of text that I read was stunning in originality of topic, thought and expression. In just a few test passages, I encountered romance, murder, terrifying prison scenes, blood-soaked guillotines, a priest sentenced to death, a crazy bat phobic woman shredding her hair, a tiny love able heroine, a tortured child King, and more. Gosh! Worth a dollar, I thought.
  Was I right! This was one of the most thrilling reads I've come across this year. I almost had to finish it in one sitting. Page by page, the luminously creative story line involves nerve-wracking plot movements, immediately absorbing characters, exquisitely clear narrative style. With an immense intelligence of expression, a fine-tuned timing for thrill after thrill, the fact that this book is not a classic utterly eludes me.
  Why it has never been Ande into a film is an even greater mystery.
  Don't miss your chance to stumble upon a true gem in the annals of unknown novels. This one's based on a true story, and you will not forget this story any time soon."

 My personal review:
  I found this book at my local thrift store. Having never heard of either title or author, I read the opening paragraph: "Seeing a young girl among the prisoners, the priest was reminded of a camellia adrift on some dark, subterranean stream winding its way through desolate passages. Because he was resolved not to think of France in her Terror, he continued to watch the child in the prison's passages, a camellia afloat on a sullied wash. She was not yet beautiful. Early womanhood and the last of childhood together gave her a lovable awkwardness like that of the young lamb that frolics and wavers and shakes its surprising tassel of a tail, the young lamb which is also the symbol of religious innocence. Her innocence would not be that complete. How old was she? Twelve, perhaps? By now she would have felt such unlovely emotions as hatred, jealousy, pride, greed. But she would have felt them not as had the hundreds of others imprisoned with her under indefinite sentence of death."
 I was enthralled and captured by both the story line and the eloquence of writing. Throughout the book, the author presents full-bodied characters, intriguing and twisting plots, words, phrases, lines and paragraphs that make me stop to ponder at their beauty and philosophical meaning. There is romance, love, adoration, spirituality along with a heavily researched, believable historical fiction feel.
  As a highly sensitive person, I was able to read the few violent passages with ease, as Ms. Gibbs writes in a gentle way free of gore and drama. I found all of her characters likable in one way or another. I had to keep a notebook handy because some of her phrases were so striking and noteworthy, they touched me in some way, and I wanted to copy them, to remember and commit them to memory.
 This novel is steep in subtle philosophy, spirituality and that nagging, ages old question, What Is the Meaning of Life? The question is answered many different ways and it evolves throughout the storyline.

 I was stunned to find almost zero information on this novel or Willa Gibbs online. I equate Ms. Gibbs with Mari Sandoz, a well-known, historic fiction writer with her own museum, websites and following.
  I am thrilled to have stumbled onto "Seed of Mischief" and the very talented Willa Gibbs!!
  I invite others who have read this book, to share your personal reviews and thoughts.

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